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One conversation can shift change in a fella forever

Find Ya Feet run school, sporting, and community based workshops with fellas young and old. We provide a platform for them to tell their story, the skills to own their stuff, and the tools to shift that culture that’s been holding blokes back from speaking up for far too long.

School & Community Workshops

Find Ya Feet run school based workshops with students years 6-12. We have four workshops that can be run over a term, a semester, or over four years. We are happy to guide you on sequencing the workshops. Our content covers topics such as owning our story, challenging what it means to be a fella, looking at where we've been, where we are at, and where we are goin' and, what it’s like to stand 'in someone else's shoes’.

In 2 hours we add a truckload of tools to a persons belt for when they need that helping hand to start the conversation that ultimately saves lives. We do that by championing vulnerability, role modelling speakin up, and showing a solid human puts up their hand when they need help. This workshop transforms the person who thinks it's weak to speak into the champion who knows we go from zero to hero simply by tellin' and owning our story.

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Find Ya Feet provides grounded, real-world mentoring drawn from the mentor's own experiences. With an emphasis on practical skills and strategies tailored to each mentee's goals, our approach is hands-on and directly applicable to personal and professional challenges.

We work collaboratively to identify objectives and map out actionable steps. Additionally, we offer teacher training, student leadership programs, keynote speaking, and weekend retreats.

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Corporate Workshops

Adding to our mission, vision, and values, we're introducing a new range of corporate workshops. These workshops are developed to nurture a culture that goes beyond 'business as usual'. We're going to take our principles of authenticity, honesty, and relationship building straight into the boardroom.

We'll help companies give their employees the tools to have deeper, more meaningful conversations - not just "how are ya?", but "how are you really?".

These workshops won't stop after the final session, they'll ignite a spark that shifts the office culture permanently, allowing every individual to truly own their narratives, challenging the status quo, and creating genuine connections in the workplace.

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