Reidy's Tackling the Tarawera Ultra

Tackling the Tarawera Ulta

Andrew “Reidy” Reid, beloved for his role on Bondi Rescue, is embarking on an awe-inspiring journey by tackling the Tarawera 100-mile (160km) trail race in Feburay 2024 to raise funds for Find Ya Feet.

The longest trail race Reidy has completed is 50km, so he’s certainly going to have his work cut out for him.

Support Reidy and Find Ya Feet

Help support Reidy and Find Ya Feet on this momentous feat of endurance by donating today. Your support will go towards making a proper difference, helping us deliver empowering workshops for Aspiring Legends of all ages.

Our Goal - $10,000

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"I’m in awe of everything that Tommy is doing to assist future generations in bettering themselves and everyone else around them. Our children are growing up in a world filled with numerous challenges. Tommy's workshops contribute significantly to helping them overcome many of these challenges, but he's just one person and needs our support."

Andrew "Reidy" Reid

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